Life Meets Art

Hannah mastered her craft at the prestigious School of the Art Institute, in Chicago, where her love of fine arts photography gelled seamlessly with her love of portraiture. It wasn't until she returned to her hometown of Austin that she realized she was onto something truly unique. Other photographers were doing things in the same old way putting clients through awkward, overly posed sessions, and obsessing over getting the pretty shot. They relied so heavily on Photoshop that they were losing their grasp of the art. Hannah felt obliged to preserve the integrity of the photograph, and create an experience that not only captured life, but the art of life as well. To that end, she made it a priority to meet her clients inside their lives, to let them move and interact naturally, while making her camera all but invisible.

The Process

Hannah's process is as personal as her photographs. Before her clients ever meet the dreaded camera, they meet a warm, nurturing, passionate woman who wants to listen to them. She takes the time to know her clients, and to really hear what they want, what their aspirations are for the shoot, and what insecurities or body issues have held them back from taking great photographs in the past. Hannah's compassion, honesty and bright spirit make her clients feel secure with her safe in a way that the camera becomes almost invisible, and that real, beautiful, three-dimensional life comes through in every shot. The personal attention doesn't end when the shoot is over. It carries through the editing process, as Hannah works tirelessly choosing the photographs that best capture the client, the occasion and the moment. She edits and re-edits, making smart, meticulous decisions regarding the photographs and presentation.


Hannah's passion for photography, and for capturing life, is just that a passion. When clients make bizarre requests to have body parts erased or replaced through the use of modern technology, she isn't afraid to point out the true beauty she sees in both the person and the image. Allowing her clients to see themselves through Hannah's eyes has not only created some stunning photographs, but often, a stunning new sense of confidence as well. Integrity, the ability to take a great shot, and the careful balance of talent and technology, sets Hannah apart from other photographers. Her sense of honor and honesty extends to every part of her business. She treats her clients fairly, meets the agreed budget and delivers what she promises every time, without exception.


Hannah feels strongly about giving back to her community and using her talent to contribute to causes she believes in. She has donated sessions to silent auctions for the Lake Travis Education Foundation, March of Dimes, The Human Rights Campaign of Austin and Communities in Schools. In addition, Hannah was a longtime volunteer photographer for the Badgerdog publication, Youth Voices in Ink. She's always on the lookout for great causes to support and ways to improve the world through photography.

Serviced Areas

  • Austin, Buda, Kyle & San Marcos

Payment Options

  • Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  City Buda , TX
  Zip Code 78729
  Phone Number (512) 657-1602

Customer Testimonials

Awesome service! These were the best graduation pictures that I have seen taken over the years. She was amazing with the kids and got every single one of them smiling and just being themselves.
Definitely a service I would recommend for any occasion.
Thanks Hannah for shining a "light" on our kids faces.

We own a preschool. North Oaks Country (plug). We have used many different professional photography services over the years. Hannah just took our graduation and new marketing pictures for our website. They are such wonderful pictures. Our parents are over the moon. And the marketing picture are these precious little moments that happen with this age, captured perfectly forever and ever.

Hannah! Hannah is the most wonderful, professional you will ever want to work with. She is easy to work with and even easier to get along with. Don't use a corporation. Use Hannah!

Hannah has done several shoots for my work and is exceptional each time! She is great at capturing genuine, candid moments and is a pleasure to work with. She does not over-edit photos either so you come out actually looking like you and not some alien. I would recommend her to anyone whether it is for a large event or small personal sessions.

Hannah has captured my kids since 18 months. And most of all, getting them to be present as well as their true personalities is super hard to do. Hannah has a knack for getting families to respond in a natural environment.