My passion is wedding photography. I love the beautiful moments that happen during a wedding. The intimate details. The beautiful clothes. The love. I believe there is a certain magic in pictures that give us an opportunity to share our story and relive our favorite memories - to capture those moments is what I live for. If you need an Austin wedding photographer, please contact me. I'm also available for destination weddings!

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Kristi Wright Photography

I love available light and the beautiful images it creates. You can blame my passion for photography on Seventeen and Vogue. That's really where it all started even though I didn't figure out that I should be behind the camera instead of in front of it until much later. That's ok life doesn't have to be all figured out by the time you are 12.

My background is in film, which helps define my always growing and evolving photographic style. As a former actress, I hope that I can help you have fun and feel relaxed because I really do understand how strange it feels to have a camera pointed at you. I like to tell stories with my images but even the best stories need a little guidance which is why I love portrait sessions. Don't worry. There will be no foliage backdrops hanging behind you (unless they happen to be real) and I promise to keep things fun. I love fashion and fashion magazines especially. Did I mention my crazy magazine habit? Don't tell my husband about the new subscription to W I just ordered. Let's keep that between us, ok? So I love images to have an editorial look to them.

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We are a husband and wife wedding photographer and wedding videographer team based in Texas. We are dedicated to creating artistic wedding photos and films while providing you with an exceptional, personal experience. We are spontaneous, sappy romantics and partners in everything we do. We love traveling, make sure we get regular doses of coffee and Mexican food and think life with our Husky makes everything a little brighter. While our home base is in Austin, TX, we travel all over the world telling love stories through our photos and films.