I offer photography for any occasion: engagement-bridal portraits, weddings, family-child-senior portraits, engagements, events or reunions. Color, black and white and sephia tone.

Many different packages available.

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  • North Carolina - entire state

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  Person Elizabeth Layton
  City Concord, NC
  Zip Code 28025
  Address Golf Ball Circle
  Phone Number (704) 918-2775

Business Representative

Elizabeth Layton


I'm an artist and a storyteller. My camera is just the brush I paint with.

I've always loved the idea of telling a story through images. I fell in love with the craft of conveying emotion with color and light to create stories that are both touching and visually stunning and as a photpgrapher, I can achieve all of that in the images that I produce.

It wasn't long after picking up my first camera that I discoved how beautiful photography is. While I have many different styles, my primary approuch to photography is photojournalistic with an artistic flare. I love just standing aside and creatively capturing moments and memories as they fly past.

For years now, I have loved taking pictures of people, places and things. The places you travel, the events you attend and the people you meet have truly helped shape the person I am. A subject's personal history and its circumstances certainly influence your life even if it's only slightly.

Looking through the camera, I try to document my subject in every manner and angle I can. I also like to capture the smaller details, the inner workings. I feel that an image has more interest when it is depicted in a manner in which it is not commonly seen.
No matter where I go, work or play, my cameras go with me. From a wedding day celebration to the park wth the kids, I've been blessed to be able to cover it all.

To envision an image, capture it as I have witnessed it and then being able to share it, has been the process and reward in striving to better myself each time I record an image. I also appreciate the creative process that allows me to start with absolutely nothing and arrive at the end with a polished, finished piece.

After all, when your heart's in it and you enjoy it, you reward yourself each time you go to work.

Products & Services



The package is for 1. 5 hour session with 30-50 images at One location (50 each additional) .

Photo package is seperate.



This package includes 1. 5-2 hour session, unlimited clothing changes, and One Location (50 each additional) . You will receive 48 Wallets and One 8x10 for Mom and Dad plus 5 Facebook or Myspace Images.

Baby Collection

Baby Collection

This is a package that is the 1st year of life in 3 different sessions (newborn, 6months, and 1 year) . Each session will include a variety of images. At each session you will receive (1) 8x10 and (8) wallets of your favorite pose.

Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages

These range from 2 hours to 8 hours of photography. I capture a variety of different images for you to enjoy for years to come.