I have been a Photographer from the days of film. All total about 10-15 years. It has been a long time love that started when I was still in the Army and attended a class with the Puget Sound Community College. The class lit the fire and from that point I started self teaching myself. Due to Military way of life and the situations it can help create I had to put photography down for a few years.

I picked it up again with a purchase of a digital camera at the Post Exchange. I rediscovered my love for photography and the desire to get “the picture”. I have found though that it is more important to me to have someone desire, or enjoy, the picture then it is to beable to say I took it.

With my rediscovering photography I have taken a more serious approach. I have received training from the Photography Institute and have attended Photography Seminars held by local Kansas professionals. I am also a currently enrolled student with the New York Institute of Photography.

The idea to start my own business came to light when I started selling Freelance Landscape Photos that I had taken. I was offered and took the opportunity to follow my communities Little League Baseball season and provide the Community Center with photos of the season. Some of these were published in the local newspaper. This in turn led to me being asked to do my first wedding, which led to another. I am excited about the future possibilities. People that have received their photos and have described them as desirable, loved, exactly what they wanted.

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Photographed wedding photos for a military wedding. Russ took our photos for both announcement and wedding to include but limited to:

Bride set up and beautification
Rehearsal dinner
Wedding Photos etc...

Good quality.

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