You are unique, and your session will be custom to suit your needs. After booking, Stephanie will give you a call. It's during this time that clothing, location options, and your vision for the session will be discussed in detail. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions or bring up concerns. Almost no question is off limits. Stephanie encourages her clients to get to know her as well. Putting yourself in front of the camera can be intimidating, especially if you're not comfortable with the person behind it.

As a mother, Stephanie understand that children are individual people with individual needs. They get tired, cranky, and stressed; and it is for these reasons that Stephanie leaves plenty of time in her schedule for breaks, snacks, and giggles. After your session Stephanie will sort through your images, carefully choosing the 20-30 that best represent both you and your family, and Stephanie's overall artistic vision. Once narrowed down, each image is professionally hand-processed and lightly retouched. weeks after your session, when all images are ready, you will meet Stephanie for your viewing appointment. All of your proofs will be presented in a slideshow set to music, and tissues will be handy!

Stephanie will be there each step of the way; helping you narrow down the choices to your favorite images, lending you her artistic expertise, and offering up her professional opinion when needed . You will be able to see and touch all of the products we offer, compare sizes, and ask questions. Stephanie strives to give you beautiful prints and products to present in your home. She doesn't want your images to sit on a disc in a drawer for the next 5 years. There is something magical about hanging artwork of yourself and your family in your home. Memories come alive each time you walk by. Love is forever preserved, forever enjoyed, and forever present. This is what we want for you. Magic, art and love.

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  City Portland , ME
  Phone Number (207) 651-6971

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