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Kenny Johnson's photography will make you believe in mermaids. Want to be the bride. Feel the spotlight shining down on you. Taste the salt in the.

We used Bernie Elking for our wedding and they were AMAZING! We have so many images to choose from and the staff was extremely professional. I would recommend them 100 times over!

Debbie has been photographing my children for several years. She is so great with the kids. She also schedules plenty of time for us and I never feel like we are being rushed through. She does a fantastic job on our family portraits and our Chrismas photo every year. I have also had her take

This photographer is great. Every care is give to the details. They listen and do what you ask. Great job!

The photographer did not rush me or anything. It was a very personal shoot, not like other places where you walk in and take a picture and leave. She also did my cousins wedding. The pics turned out great!

No where else around like this we got the most beautiful pictures'

Ok, the work they do is beautiful. But working with these people was at times quite a nightmare. So, that balances out to a nice three star review for me.

Allot of my friends have used PBP photography's services for weddings, retirement parties, and photos of their kids growing up each year, and even still.

Wow I have been to some really amazing studios but this one is so great you can't belive it. There are famous people walking eveywere. If you record here you instantly become famous just because Jupiter Studios is so cool. And its cheap. I'm not lying. written by Jim Callahan, owner of the

Yes, they are a little pricey, it's hard not to admit that. But, I have to say, the pictures turn out beautifully and they quite honestly have some pretty.

What a beautifully talented photographer. Steve does commercial food photography, but his talent allows anything he touches to shine. He takes photos on.

Really great photos, really professional, but cool and down-to-earth. We just can't stop looking at our photos. We like that he followed us around all day,.

Katherine isn't the sort of girl who needs any introduction. Her work totally precedes her. But I like her and she's incredibly hip and cool, so I'll.

By far the BEST photographer around! Kelly really takes the time to get to know you, the results are great natural pictures that really capture the moment.